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February 1, 2019

RB News & Notes Redux

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Hurrah, and thanks to the fearless and ever-agile SK for seeing us through the upgrade to WordPress 4.9.9. With this important step behind us, there are now easier pathways to keeping the software up to date. We look forward to renewed engagement with the mission of RB News & Notes: to expose new information pertaining to the arrangement and disposal of Roberta Bitgood’s professional and family papers. More here as more becomes available. As before, plans are to limit interactivity by keeping comments closed. Interested parties probably have our number and know how to reach us.

June 8, 2008

Purpose of RB News & Notes

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This is a new installation of the WordPress blogging software, and also a new version release (2.5.1, which we are still getting used to). One purpose of RB News & Notes is to provide a virtual space where friends of the Roberta Bitgood Commons and others interested in my mother’s life and career may learn more about newly available information and materials uncovered in processing her professional collections. When new materials are added to the Roberta Bitgood Commons site, whether they be previously unpublished reminiscences, newly scanned documents, images, or other media, a notice will be posted here.

RB News & Notes is not intended to be a “blog about blogging” (so we will keep documentation and discussion of technical matters to a minimum). Neither is it a blog for denizens of the “blogosphere” (there are plenty of those elsewhere). The main idea is to provide a convenient yet dynamic resource for sharing new Bitgood information, such that the community of interest can be reached, and the task of disposing of the Bitgood collections can be facilitated. In short, RB News & Notes is designed more as a virtual bulletin board than as a blog.

In general, we do not plan to allow user comments, in hopes of keeping the maintenance of RB News & Notes to a minimum. Instead, if users find information here which they wish to pursue (for example, if they wish to claim a multiple set of choir parts that has been offered), they may send e-mail to the address provided in the relevant post (or get in touch by phone) to arrange transmittal of the materials they would like to claim. Comments generally turn out to be spam, sorry!

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